He’s the guy that helps you get you through your weekends! Josh is the newest addition to the KBAT family and is on the air from 12p-6p on Saturday and Sundays.


Where did you grow up?







How long have you been in radio?

I’m a long time KBAT listener.  After a few years in television and newspaper, I’ve been lucky enough to be at KBAT for about 2 years.
What got you interested in being a DJ?

Being a DJ combines my 2 passions; music and talking.


If you could cast yourself for a Hollywood movie, what would it be and who you want to co-star with you?

It would definitely be a movie about music and my co-star would be Scarlett Johansson.  My favorite movie ever is Almost Famous.  I love the grind and reality of the road and behind the scenes that comes with the music industry.


Favorite singer/band?

That’s a toss up,  but give me Iron Maiden and a side of Rush and that’ll keep me satisfied.

If you weren't in radio, what do you think you would be doing as a career?

I’d probably be in some sort of media or maybe own a bar.
Favorite movie?

Almost Famous.  I think the Star Wars movies are an obvious choice.  They’re freakin’ awesome.

Music, cooking, eating, drinking and family of course.
Biggest pet peeve?

It’s a tie!  Bad drivers and people who think Jethro Tull is one dude.
Most embarrassing thing you've ever done?

There are numerous examples and I’ve blocked them all out!
Craziest thing you've ever done?

I’m pretty boring but I do drive on Loop 250 every morning.
What do wear to bed?

A smoking jacket and an ascot.
What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

Brush those nasty teeth.  Even my dog won’t kiss me till I brush.
Most important person in your life?

Easy.  My wife, Katie.  She’s absolutely the most awesome person in the world.  Neil Peart is a close second.

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