With Jonathan Davis bringing his solo tour to The City In Which We Live, a lot of people have been wondering just what to expect. Well, here is what to expect from Jonathan Davis and his solo tour.

First and foremost, this is a Jonathan Davis solo show, so don't expect Korn. But you can expect for him to play his stuff from Queen of the Damned, including System which was done by Chester Bennington on the soundtrack.

He did a beautiful tribute song to the late Chester Bennington with the track “System” again off the Queen of the Damn Soundtrack and vocals originally done by Chester. At the end of the song he gives a salute to Chester and much respect from the crowd as well.

Not enough can be said about the versatility of Davis’s voice, as he explored all the different timbres at his disposal throughout the night. He growled, crooned and wailed with equal amounts of steady force.

Davis has also performed his version of Neil Diamond's Love on the Rocks, according to Melvin Monroe of Rezonatr:

With a surprising twist, he switched gears and performed the 1980 Neil Diamond cover “Love on the Rocks” leaving the audience satisfied.

I'm not sure how surprising that is though, considering that's a song that JD covered back in 2003 for the movie Wonderland.

For the most part, JD performs his entire solo album, with a few Queen of the Damned songs sprinkled in, and his cover of Love on the Rocks. It could change when he comes to The City In Which We live, but we won't know just how much until we're there enjoying the show.

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