I had the distinct pleasure of talking with comedian Jim Breuer about his band, The Loud & Rowdy, and the new cd release, "Songs From The Garage" and how Jim is looking forward to taking his style of old school rock and roll on the road.  Now don't mistake this album for a comedy album, Jim is truly bringing it with well written and well produced songs on the album, sure there are some comedic songs on the release but make no mistake, this is a true rock and roll record in every sense of the word, well it has to be if the likes of Brian Johnson lending his vocals to "Mr Rock and Roll" and even putting a little rock and roll spoken word on the album with, "My Rock N' Roll Dream", you will hear all of Jims influences both past and present.  I will say that if you love old school rock music you need to pick "Songs From The Garage" up today!