Staying in a hotel is fun. Fun for kids and adults. Mom and Dad are excited about the opportunity to get out of the house and not have to deal with housework and responsibilities for a few days as far as the kids, there are the cool beds to jump on, typically a pool to swim in and they always seem to love the continental breakfast!

But one thing no one thinks of is the cleanliness of said hotel. There are a few of us who travel with antibacterial wipes and immediately wipe everything down when we enter the room, some who won't leave home without their can of Lysol and there are those who think who cares, I'm on vacation!

Neither is in the wrong. But what if I were to ask you which item in a hotel room do you think has the most germs? The typical answer would probably be somewhere in the hotel bathroom, right? But you would be wrong!


I came across an article that claims that the 'germiest' item in the room is the CHAIR in the corner.  You know the one I'm talking about. The chair that you might kick back on to watch some TV before you head out for the day? The one most men relax on while waiting for the fam to get ready. Or better yet that 'catch-all' chair that you throw clothes, coats, and personal items on because it is there, because it is convenient.

Remember this article next time you start throwing anything on that chair!

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