If you are a parent, you no doubt have homemade gifts galore. From the time our little ones can color a page or write, they immediately start making creating cute, little gifts for mom and dad or even grandparents. Most parents save every single thing, I am one of 'those' parents because in my opinion, those are the best kind of gifts. 

The gifts get cuter as they get older. Handmade Christmas ornaments, decorated turkeys at Thanksgiving, and one year I got an adorable clay jewelry holder. My gifts have been specially made for me for many years as I have three children and trust me when I say I love them all! My babies and my homemade gifts.

Recently my middle child went above and beyond. Mainly because he has been in a class all through Jr. high where he has been able to make various items out of wood.

The picture you see below is a set of cornhole boards that my teen made in wood shop class. (He did make a set but for some reason, I only took a picture of one.) He did an amazing job and was so proud of himself. I am beyond proud of him! There are grown men who would admit to not being able to figure out how to make them and my teenage son knocked it out of the park!

He also made wooden pens for just about everyone in the family, a full-size bottle opener, the kind you hang on your wall, and a couple of items for himself.

Lasy year he made me one of my most prized possessions for Christmas, one of the most beautiful cutting boards that I have ever seen. Not only was I badly in need of a new one, but this one was made with love by my own child's hands! No doubt we love all of the things our kids make for us. Here's to hoping you get something made with love from your kids this holiday season!


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Gallery Credit: Leo

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