Scams are sadly a part of daily life in the state of Texas. We all know someone who has been taken advantage of by an unknown person or persons. Thankfully, as time goes on, and the advancement of technology, people have become more aware of these situations.

The USPS has alerted the nation to an uptick in these scams, known as "smishing." Here are the details you need to know.

Smishing In Texas, And How It Appears To Texas Residents

As reported by the USPS itself, the scam appears a text message on your phone. The individual receives a message asking for information claiming to be from the USPS. The message will ask for financial or personal details. Items requested by the deceivers include:

- account usernames/passwords
- credit/debit card numbers
- date of birth
- personal identification numbers
- Social Security number

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USPS reports that they do indeed provide ways to for residents in Texas, but there certain ways that one can subscribe to following their package to the destination. In addition, the organization won't make people pay for the services offered.

According to USPS, they will not send updates unless an individual requests them. To do so, the person must provide a tracking number to begin to see where the item is in transit.

If you are awaiting a package, but haven't subscribed for updates on it and receive a scam text about it, USPS encourages people to report the text to the organization. You can alert the company by emailing them at

Be smart and be safe Texas!

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