There are so many different type of food in this great state we live in. But as with everything in one group of items, some foods are often craved more than others. So which are the cream of the crop that rises to the top you ask?

We can think of a few examples. Items like ice cream, burgers, and even steaks come to mind. But instead of those items, let's turn to a food item that has its own day. What are we talking about?

Well tacos of course! Who doesn't love Taco Tuesday after all. But who loves tacos most of all?

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Data For Taco Love Across The Nation, Where's Texas Located?

So first things first, where does the data come from? Ironically, which before we go any further, a website fully committed to Taco Tuesday itself? We're in love already.

It's time to get down to nitty gritty, also known as the moment of truth. The data, compiled by using Google Trends. Ok, here we go, Texas has to be number one right?

Drum roll please...the number one state for taco love is....California?!? Wait hold on, is there a mess-up in the data somehow? That was a bit...unexpected.

But the data isn't lying here. California sits at the top of the list, with the Lone Star State coming in second. So it looks like we've got to have more love for tacos here in Texas doesn't it?

We need to take that top spot!

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