People show their love of Buc-ee's in many ways.

The Texas original has many admirers, both here in the Lone Star State, and across the nation. Everybody remembers their first trip to a Buc-ee's right? Probably because they were left in awe of what they saw.

We've all seen someone wearing a Buc-ee's item on themselves right? After all, they sell hats, shirts, even little stuffed beavers! There's no shortage of the gas station's merchandise. However, some have created their types of merch, or even tried to mirror the business, to no success.

But, what if somebody wanted to eat a Buc-ee's, like actually the eat the whole gas station? That can't be possible right...?

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An Edible Buc-ee's? How Would That Work?

Well, according to Chron, yes a Buc-ee's someone could potentially eat has made an appearance, and in the Lone Star State too! Where exactly you ask? Williamson County to be exact.

Well without further ado, let's take a look at it shall we?

Chron reports that the creators of the Ginger Buc-ee's as we'll call it, is a worker of the Williamson County Tax Assessor Collector’s office, Deanna Vaters. Paul, her husband and helper of creating the food item, first suggested it when they stopped at a Buc-ee's in Bastrop.

What makes the creation even personable? Deanna created her coworkers in the Ginger Buc-ee's, posing them as workers. So this is truly one Texan creation.

What's going to be built next? An edible H-E-B?

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