There's one drink that many know is from the state of Texas: Dr. Pepper.

The soda created in Waco, Texas is known nationwide. With so many varieties and so many people drinking it daily, you're bound to see someone with a can of it. You probably might even see someone wearing Dr. Pepper merchandise too!

But in the digital age, news about our favorite foods or drinks can be easily accessed whenever a person chooses to look something up about it. But the opposite it also true as well, with people possibly spreading rumors about said items. Dr. Pepper is no stranger to this, as it recently found out.

Tik Tok claims that the drink is set to disappear. But, is there any truth the rumor? Let's find out.

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Social Media Claims Dr, Pepper Is Going Away Forever?


First, here's the video posted to the social sharing site. Since the name is a bit NSFW, we must urge caution to some readers of younger age. But this did not set well with some users on the site:

So with the discourse brewing, was there even an answer that somebody could provide? Thankfully, it turns out that one person, or should we say a company, had the answer.

The Final Verdict On Dr. Pepper Disappearing Is...

Well, if you were hoping for Dr. Pepper to go away, we're sorry to report it isn't leaving anytime soon. How do we know? The company itself squashed the rumor:

So to close, this situation reminds us of a clip from Arthur:

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