People often remark whenever the weather turns colder that it does not seem to bother me as much as everyone else in the Killeen-Temple, Texas area, and yes I do handle it very well due to being born in Iowa and raised in the Upper Midwest. However, what seems to get overlooked that even though I thrive in cold weather, I did not relocate to Texas with some sort of ulterior motive of bringing anything from, "Up Nordt," to the Lone Star State.

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Believe me when I say, "I want Texas weather not just when it is convenient, I want it all the time." However, after the earlier than normal cold snap hitting Central Texas, I couldn't help but peek at what the Farmers' Almanac thinks we can expect the rest of the way through winter once it begins on December 21st.

What do the wooly worms in Texas predict for our upcoming winter?


Well, if the wooly worms we found over the weekend before last at Sweet Berry Farm in Marble Falls are any indication, you might want to start putting some faith in the Farmers' Almanac prediction of a cold winter, or at least throw a little money into a warmer coat.

Besides the Farmers' Almanac, what are the professionals saying about Texas winter?

So, put your faith in astronomy that feels like it could be astrology, or put it in technology that gives us meteorology that often proves suspect at best. I don't know which you will pick, but I am going to leave an umbrella, boots, and a warm coat by the door all winter just for safety.

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