The Oscar nominations always bring with them a certain amount of excitement, and an equal amount of frustration, anger, and rage — because for all the great movies and filmmakers and actors craftsmen they honor, there are always a few worthy names that get left out.

2024 is no different. This year’s batch of nominees includes plenty of expected yet deserved selections, like pretty much all of the nominations for Oppenheimer, this year’s most honored film. But there were also plenty of overlooked names as well. A few of them were sort of expected; the Academy has certain tastes and those tastes tend to favor certain types of movies. You can count on the Oscars to ignore certain genres (like comedies, for example) year after year.

But then there were some surprises that were truly shocking, including a few movies and artists that every Oscar prognosticator under the sun had on their ballots, and expected to be vying for the Oscars themselves come March 10 in the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles. Nope! What’s that William Goldman quote about Hollywood again?

The list below contains a little bit of both kinds of Oscar snubs; the films and artists we knew deep down would never get the Oscar love they deserved, and the people we legitimately cannot believe have made this list and not the names of the nominees in their chosen category.

Here are this year’s most egregious Oscar omissions, in no particular order.

The Worst Oscar Snubs of 2024

These films and filmmakers were overlooked by this year’s Academy Awards.

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Great Movies That Got Zero Oscar Nominations

These all-time classics not only didn’t win any Oscars — they weren’t even nominated!