When we never got a third Bill & Ted movie in the 1990s, that seemed like the end for the pair of sweet-tempered time-traveling dudes (Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves), who were fated to save the world with the power of their rock music, if only they could pass history class first. Bill & Ted petered out after one sequel and an animated series — until, shockingly, almost 30 years later, a third film emerged.

Titled Bill & Ted Face the Music, the movie saw the now middle-aged Bill and Ted facing not just the music but their own mortality, as well as their frustrations with how their lives have turned out. It also introduced their teenage daughters, Billie and Thea (Brigette Lundy-Paine and Samara Weaving).

The film was released during one of the worst months of the pandemic in the summer of 2020, so few people ever got to see it in theaters. Most of those who did see it though, really liked it; the film was funny and heartfelt, and a surprisingly worthy legacyquel to an old favorite.

I guess it did well enough on various on-demand platforms, because according to Alex Winter, a fourth film is already being discussed.

Bill and Ted Face the Music

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In a recent interview with The Sarah O'Connell Show, Winter revealed the creators of the franchise are “tinkering with a fourth movie idea that all of us like, and the guys are going to write, so we'll see.” The guys in this case would be Bill & Ted original screenwriters Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon.

Winter also said that everyone feels “the same way” about making a fourth one: If it happens, “it has to be right,” adding

We love [the Bill & Ted movies] because they're oddball, and they're not typical mainstream films. They've never been cash-grab movies; nobody has gotten rich off the Bill and Ted series. We really do make them sincerely from a place of love and interest. There's a really good idea that the writers came up with for a fourth that's kind of obvious. I don't want to give it away -- I can't give it away because I would be drawn and quartered -- but it is a really good idea, an obvious idea. It will get written, and we'll see if we can actually get it made.

I don’t know what the obvious idea for a fourth would be, but whatever it is, if the core creative team is still in place, I would want to see it.

Bill & Ted Face the Music is currently available to rent on a variety of platforms. If you never watched it cause of its unfortunate release date, it’s worth checking out. You can watch Winter’s full interview below.

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