Peter Gabriel has released another new song from his upcoming i/o album, "Olive Tree."

According to the singer, the song is "part of a separate brain-related project" and is influenced by his interest in brain reading research, like the kind done at Openwater Labs in California.

"It feeds into this idea that we're no longer these islands that have our own private thoughts, that our thoughts are going to get opened up to the outside world," Gabriel explained. "The lubrication that allows society to function is based, in part, on not being able to read what's going on in other people's minds, so unless we get more comfortable with how we really are, we're probably going to prefer to stay partly buried in our private worlds."

"Olive Tree" features a string arrangement by John Metcalfe, plus Manu Katche on drums, Tony Levin on bass, David Rhodes on guitar, Josh Shpak on trumpet and additional percussion by Ged Lynch.

Like Gabriel's other i/o tracks, which have been released every full moon of 2023, "Olive Tree" comes with related artwork. Barthelemy Toguo's "Chroniques avec la Nature" accompanies the latest song.

"I was aware of Barthelemy Toguo's work, which I found very haunting and very strong, but I first met him at [World of Music, Arts and Dance] in 2015, when he came as artist in residence," Gabriel noted. "I wasn't talking about this project at that time, but when I was thinking about re-connecting to nature his work seemed ideal. I think it's super strong and looks wonderful onstage."

Gabriel will begin a tour of North America in September.

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