Twisters! Big screen fiction or deadly reality?

Now, anyone who has lived in Texas, especially Lubbock, for over 10 minutes is brutally aware of the high winds and severe weather, including tornadoes, that make even the Tasmanian Devil sweat his britches. Call it unfortunate geographic location or sheer serendipity, but we've seen our fair share of nasty weather that can, and has, wreaked havoc across The Lone Star State. Here are some of the worst in Texas history that'll make you want to say "there's no place like home".

The Karnes-Dewitt Tornado

This F4 tornado touched down just a couple of miles north of Karnes County, claiming the lives of 36 people while injuring 60 back in May of 1930. Poorly-built houses made out of weak wood caused this unfortunately high death toll.

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The Zephyr Tornado

Also an F4, this tornado touched down in Brown County way back in 19-aught-9, killing 34 and injuring 70. Also on the destruction list: 50 homes, 6 businesses, 2 churches, and a high school.

The Saragosa Tornado

1987 was a tough year for Reeves County. Not only did they have to push through the stock market crash of '87, but adding an F4 tornado in late May did not help the situation. With 30 deaths and over 120 injured, 22 deaths occurred during a graduation ceremony where the adults would protect the children with the only defense at hand: their bodies.

Chad Hasty,
Chad Hasty,

Of Course, the Lubbock Tornado

Those who are around today can attest to the ferocity and destruction of the 1970 Lubbock tornado. Not only did it result in 26 fatalities, 500 injuries, and over $200 million in damages, but the path northeast cut a scar through the town that none will forget, neither in this generation nor in those soon to come.

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