A lot of folks got some amazing shots of the storms moving across Texoma last night. So let's see what you guys saw around town.

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It's pretty crazy on Friday we literally did a story that weather experts are predicting a more active tornado season in Texas this year. Then on Sunday, some pretty crazy formations started moving into our area. A little bit before 3PM on March 24, 2024 we were put onto a severe Thunderstorm watch. Which means nothing has happened yet, but be prepared for storms to move into our area. Then around 5:45 PM we were put under a tornado warning and that's when folks started getting some crazy footage.

Storm Chasers Share Footage of Wichita Falls Hail and Cloud Formations

If you don't already follow Live Storms Media on YouTube, go give them a watch. Whenever weather related events in our area pop off, they do a great job of getting high quality footage. At the thirty second mark in the video above, they got a beautiful time lapse of the storm passing through our area.

More Storm Chaser Footage Below

Gorgeous Photo of Storm Moving Into Wichita Falls

View of the Storm from Downtown Wichita Falls Towercam

In Not Shocking News, Everyone Went Outside to See How Bad the Storm Was

More Storms Coming This Weekend?!

I also found this while trying to find more photos and videos from yesterday. Looks like some storm chasers are predicting something big in our area this weekend. Obviously you can never predict Texas weather, but it's something to keep an eye on. If you got any cool photos or videos from yesterday. Feel free to send them my way.

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