You can attend the best private college in Texas for a fraction of the cost of many others. 

When I was in college back in the 90s, I pretty much put the idea of attending a private college out of my mind due to it being so expensive compared to public universities. Going to a state university was much cheaper back in those days because the state paid more.

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I’m a Navy veteran and have never been a traditional student going on their parent’s dime, so I was looking to stretch my G.I. Bill dollars as far as possible. That’s why I started in community college. I recommend that to any student who isn’t going on a scholarship. 

Higher cost of tuition aside, there are many benefits of going to a private college. For one thing, there tends to be a much better teacher-to-student ratio at private schools, allowing for better one-on-one engagement between students and professors. 

So, I was shocked when I saw the net price of attending Rice University in Houston.

Stacker’s top-ranked private college in Texas costs $18,521 per year. In comparison, the average cost of tuition for the University of Texas in Austin is $17, 519 per year (after aid). When it comes to private colleges, Baylor University is the most expensive at $46, 039 – more than double the cost of Rice. 

There is a catch, though. 

Rice is extremely hard to get into. The school that many consider to be the Harvard of Texas has an acceptance rate of a mere 9%, much lower than any of the other private colleges on the list.

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