Now this is what I am talking about.

Man what a great week to be a Dallas sports fan. Cowboys won on Saturday, the Stars are rolling, and the Mavs had one of the greatest comebacks in NBA history the other night. I want you to read this stat right here because it still blows my mind.

Luka was like the Greek God Atlas the other night, putting the entire team on his back. Luka finished the game with 60 points, 21 rebounds, and 10 assists. That is the most points for a Maverick ever, he is the youngest player in NBA history to have at least a 50 point triple double, and he's the only player ever to put up 60 points PLUS have at least 20 rebounds.

After the game, Luka said, he was tired and needed a recovery beer. I am sure every bar in Dallas is ready to tap the kegs for Luka. However, I love what a brewery in Luka's home country of Slovenia did. Pivovarna Lasko (translates to Lasko Brewery) just unveiled a Luka recovery beer.

So the brewery released this awesome can with a goat on it because Luka is the G.O.A.T. of Slovenian NBA players. slisali smo za tvojo zeljo ze urejamo logistiko translates in rough English to, "we heard about your wish to arrange the logistics". So I guess, we heard you needed a beer, well here you go.

I have no idea if this company even ships beer to America. I imagine if they did, Dallas liquor stores would DEFINITELY have some buyers. According to the brewery's Wikipedia page, they fall under the Heineken company after a 2016 buyout. So maybe they can find away to get us some of this beer to Texas.

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