April 8 is liable to be a wild day here in the Lone Star State. 

Weather permitting, Texas will have some of the best places to watch the upcoming total solar eclipse. Many people who have been excited about the event for a long time will make the trip here in hopes of getting a good view. 

While I’ll certainly head outside and take a look when the sun goes dark, I’m not nearly excited enough about it to travel. Good on you if you are, however. I hope you get a great view.

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I typically spend a couple of minutes checking it out with those special glasses on and then get on with my day. Because to be perfectly honest with you, there’s something about solar eclipses that is kind of unsettling to me. Yes, it’s a natural phenomenon, but it feels anything but natural.  

But I totally understand the fascination with witnessing such a rare event. 

With so many people being fascinated by the eclipse, the massive influx of people into Texas trying to get a good view of the eclipse will likely cause some issues. Some counties have gone as far as to go ahead and declare a state of emergency. 

There are also questions about whether the Texas power grid will be negatively affected. There’s even a chance that cell service could be interrupted. 

And now experts with Total Eclipse DFW are warning of excessive absenteeism and traffic congestion. I totally expect traffic to be a nightmare around the eclipse. But I had no earthly idea that the eclipse in 2017 cost employers an estimated $694 million in lost productivity due to employees not reporting to work. 

If that doesn’t get employers to start getting a plan together ahead of the eclipse, I don’t know what will.

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