Someone was literally paid to try every one of the food items and determine which one was the best. The Dallas woman gave her top five and I guess I have to get these on my next road trip.

Backstory on Official Snack Tester

Now technically it was not Buc-ee's that did this. It was a company called FinanceBuzz and they wanted an official ranking for the best original things you can get at Buc-ee's. Dallas resident Tara Ward gave her top 22 recently for the company. If you want to check out the full list, that's here. Let's check out the top ten below.

Keep Scrolling for Top Ten Buc-ee's Snacks from an Official Taste Tester

10. Beaver Tots

9. Beef Burrito (Note Picture is of a Different Buc-ee's Burrito)

8. Buc-ee's Jerky (Snack Tester Says Jalapeno Honey Best Flavor)

7. Cake Balls (Snacker Recommends Double Chocolate Flavor)

6. Fudge (Snacker Recommends Chocolate Walnut as the Best)

5. Hot Roasted Pecans

4. Fruity Pebbles Rice Crispy Treat

3. Salt Water Taffy (Snacker Says Peppermint, Banana, and Cinnamon are the Best Flavors)

2. Southwest Salad

1. Three Meat Sandwich

My Opinion on the Top Ten Below

I will say, not having Beaver Nuggets in the top ten is wrong on so many levels. It's at number 11. Also no way would a salad ever be in my top ten let alone near the top spot. When I am going to Buc-ee's I want sugar, meat, and carbs. No healthy purchases for me have ever happened at a Buc-ee's and I don't think they ever will. I have learned about that Fruity Pebbles treat now and that is one of my favorite cereals. So that will be purchased on the next road trip.

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