Sports always bring out the best in people, right? 

Of course not. In many cases, it is the exact opposite. It’s a safe bet that at some point someone will act the fool at a sporting event. 

And 99.999% of the time it’s a matter of folks having a little too much to drink. Combine that with people talking trash and you have a recipe for disaster.

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The thing is that people misbehaving at events is not exclusive to any one sport. I have seen brawls break out between fans of just about any sport you can think of. 

But soccer fans are among the most passionate on the planet. There have been many deadly riots at soccer matches over the years. 

Fortunately, the brawl that broke out between fans during the match between the USA and Mexico at AT&T Stadium Sunday night didn’t turn into a full-blown riot. I’m guessing no one died because of the chaos, but I’m sure they’re all feeling the pain today (unlike last night, thanks to the beer). 

But I will say this, the fans in the section where the brawl broke out appeared to be quite entertained. So, take a bow, dudes.

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