In Texas, we're no stranger to odd sayings and slang. We've had our own way of talking for a long time now. There are entire encyclopedias written on how to talk like a Texan. Okay, that might be an exaggeration, but there should be!

Did you know, though, that in at least one other country Texas is actually slang. It's true.

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Say hello to Norway; home to all things Norwegian. If you're into cold weather, vikings, and fjords, then it's your kind of party.

Also, if you like to ski, fish, stare at the northern lights, get it.

It's in this magical place called Norway that our state's name has become slang used to describe a very specific type of situation. The good news is that it's not necessarily a bad thing. Not even close.

When you go digging into the subject you get a fairly decent grasp on the meaning when using Texas as slang. It's slang for wild, crazy, or unpredictable.

It makes a whole lot of sense given our state's general reputation.

Texas is the land of tall cowboy hats and outlaws, according to a lot of the outside world. Our bravado is legendary. Everything is bigger here. We even have our very own, unique brand of pride. Think of the American tall tales and legendary heroes that have called Texas home. We can get pretty wild and crazy in Texas.

The wild, crazy, and unpredictable part is in reference to a set of circumstances. For instance, take any raunchy buddy comedy from the last several decades. It gets wild. It gets crazy. It gets completely unpredictable at times.

In Norway, they'd say that it's, "Texas."

Honestly, I like it. I think we can take it as a compliment.

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