Texas is one humongous state and we produce a lot of the nations groceries and textiles.


You Know #1

If you can't guess number one, then welcome to Texas! The rest of the list is a bit surprising to me. There are quite a few selection among the other nine entries that I had to go back because I was thinking, "Did I read that correctly?".

Thanks To Stacker

A big thank you to Stacker for compiling the list. The actually take the list all the way down to #19 (cucumbers?).  Hopefully these pictures will inspire you to take a little closure look at Texas agriculture and all the ways we feed and cloth people.

One More Thing

We can't send you to the pictures without thanking Texas farmers. We can only guess about the long days (and sometimes nights), crazy weather, and everything else they deal with.

Top Ten Texas Crops

Here Are the Top Ten Texas Crops

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These Are The Top 30 Counties In Texas For Lowest Cost Of Living

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