A trolley carrying people from the back of a lakehouse to a boat dock broke a cable, dumping 4 passengers onto rocks and cactus below. Three of the passengers, two of whom are minors, are said to have suffered serious injuries. The 4th passenger is currently listed in critical condition.

To clarify, the trolley is more like a gondola or a ski lift. It's a basket-style cart that transports lake visitors to the dock.

The trolley malfunction occurred at Eagle Mountain Lake, a reservoir in North Texas that sits below Lake Bridgeport and above Lake Worth. The lake is known best for fishing and the Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge.

Reports say the trolley crashed to the ground just after noon on Saturday near the 6100 block of Park Road. Two adults and two children were found at the bottom of a cliff after being ejected.

Tarrant County Sheriff's office is still investigating what led to the trolley collapse. For more information and to keep up to date with the story, click here.

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