We are taught basic subjects in school for a reason, for example, English is taught so we can read, write, and reason. Art because life should be beautiful. History, so we know the context of the world we live in.

I needn't justify math or science.

However, I remember how many times I was bored. Particularly, I remember how we were mostly taught how to take one or two standardized tests. What a waste of my precious life- and we still do it!


Kids spend about six hours at school- plenty of time to learn plenty of subjects. And perhaps switching to a model of a slightly longer day- and abolishing homework- may be more beneficial to both students and their working parents.

So, instead of endless hours of teaching how to take a test, what if we spent that time teaching kids, particularly those in high school, what we as adults wish we had learned?

I asked around and discovered what Texans really think their students should learn at public schools:

Texans Reveal What Should Really Be Taught In Public School

When I look back on my education in Texas, I remember vast amounts of my precious time spent learning things that never helped me in real life- particularly how to take a standardized test. Instead of wasting our children's time, what should be taught in Texas schools?

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