It’s horrible to say but it’s not exactly shocking to hear that drinking and driving continues to be a problem here in the state of Texas. It’s sickening how often we hear of fatalities that could have been avoided if someone had decided to not get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol. It’s simple, alcohol impairs your judgement, so after you have a drink plan on someone else driving.  

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We see messages and reminders all the time about how deadly drinking and driving can be, yet it continues to be a problem because no one thinks it will happen to them. Unfortunately, I had my own cousin killed by a drunk driver and to make matters worse it was my own uncle. Yeah, my uncle took the life of his own son after drinking and driving. I’ve never seen my grandparent so hurt, please, don’t cause this type of pain in your own family. 

Texas Has Alarming Drinking and Driving Stats 

Did you know that 42% of all traffic deaths in Texas are caused by drunk drivers, these are avoidable deaths. You can get a ride from a ridesharing app, you can call a friend, call a cab, post on social media that you need a ride. There are so many options to avoid being intoxicated behind the wheel. 

Let’s Look at the 10 Worst States When it Come to Drinking and Driving 

According to Forbes Advisor here is a list of the states that have the biggest problem with people drinking and driving.  

10 Worst States For Drinking and Driving

According to Forbes Advisor here are the 10 worst states when it comes to drinking and driving.

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