If you're thinking of purchasing a new car in 2024, take a look at 5 things experts say Texans must do before walking through those doors.

There's an old perception that car dealers are just waiting to prey on the unwary shopper with the intent to soft-bully them into buying a car that they may not have been ready to buy on that day or they'll pressure you to be a vehicle that is financially beyond their reach (responsibly).

I disagree with some of these preconceived notions, though. I have met many sincerely ethical salespeople at car dealerships near Tyler, Texas, and close to Dallas, Texas who have been extraordinarily helpful and seem to truly care about their customers.

Granted, some people don't always have your best intentions in mind--but that's true of ANY industry. So, I like to throw those generalized judgments out the window and give everyone a chance to do their job honorably.

That being said, even when we are dealing with the most ethical of people--in whatever industry--there are certain things one should do to prepare ahead of time.

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Being prepared before walking into a car dealership, or before making any major purchases for that matter, not only helps you before you commit to a major expense, but it also helps the professional serve you better.

When it comes to buying a new vehicle, or a gently-used one, stop and logically consider which one will be the best fit for you and/or your family. What will be a purchase that you'll love but won't cause you unnecessary financial stress down the road when those payments or maintenance bills start rolling in after the initial 'new' feeling of driving a new car wears off?

Here are 5 things Texans should consider before even walking through the doors of a car dealership, according to an article written by author Greg Garrison who writes for GoBankingRates:

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If you're thinking of purchasing a new car in 2024, take a look at 5 things experts say we must do before walking through those doors.

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