I can't tell you how grateful I am that I've only ever seen one itty bitty scorpion since I've lived in Tyler, Texas--which has been quite a while now.

However, we have scorpions in East Texas and all over the Lone Star State. There are around 18 different species of these denizens of Hell, I mean scorpions, in Texas. But some are much more common than others.

I am what some people might refer to as a 'tree hugger.' Well, I'm not one for labels and heaven knows I don't do all I can for the environment, sadly. But there's no doubt I am a nature lover. My favorite part of nature? Animals.

I love almost every type of animal that exists. Almost. Texas scorpions are NOT on that list.

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I'm that person who will start a conversation with a bumblebee or find myself absurdly delighted when a grasshopper perches nearby and doesn't immediately hop away in horror at the nearby human. Spiders don't even bother me that much. Unless, of course, we're talking about those that shall not be named but they do have a red hourglass shape on their horrific abdomens. *shudders*

Most snakes are fine with me as long as they keep their distance. Except for cottonmouths. They just kind of look evil. ANYWAY.

The only other animal on Tara's list of NOPE? Scorpions. I have yet to find a way to make them lovable in any way whatsoever. OK, them and Komodo Dragons. Giant man-eating lizards go on that list, as well.

Yeah, looking for advice to keep yourself safe from these stinging minions of living nightmares? Stay away. Run. Seriously, though. If you'd like the best advice on how to protect your family from scorpions, here's some advice from those more expert than I am in this matter.

Now that we've gotten incredibly off-topic... Here's a quick look at the 9 most common scorpions we might see (bless our hearts) in the state of Texas:

UGH! Here are 9 of the Most Common Scorpions You'll See in Texas [PHOTOS]

In fact, there are around 18 different species of these denizens of Hell, I mean scorpions, in Texas. But some are much more common than others.

Gallery Credit: Tara Holley

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