Mother Nature is no laughing matter, as we have learned with the recent Hurricane Beryl that hit multiple states hard with the downpouring rain and the intense winds. It’s obvious that Texas was hit the hardest with winds up to 84 miles per hour recorded in the Houston area, according to USA Today.  

As yesterday progressed, we saw the storm weaken and was downgraded to a tropical storm but still possible to cause damage with anything standing in its way. There were millions of Texans without power as crews will continue to restore power over the next few days.  

Videos Show the Damage Done in Texas by Beryl 

It’s devastating to hear that at least two people are confirmed dead due to what was a Category 1 storm when it first touched down. There was so much rainfall that flooding became a real issue for many drivers.  

Lots of Videos Posted Showing the Disaster Areas in Beryl’s Way 

As the intense storm continued to pound its way through Texas many people wanted to share their experiences online so there were tons of videos of the storm popping up online. And we wanted to bring those experiences to you, that way you didn’t have to go searching around.  

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Here are the Most Intense Videos of Hurricane Beryl 

These videos continue to remind us of how powerful mother nature can be. We hope that if you were affected by the storm, you can find relief quickly. Here is a look at just how intense Beryl was in Texas.

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