RidingEasy Records' Brown Acid compilation series is back with another helping of hard rock, psychedelic and proto-metal tunes from the late '60s and early '70s that flew under the radar.

The series' latest installment, Brown Acid: The Fourteenth Trip, features nine more head-banging stoner-rock acts that seldom emerged from the underground.

We have an exclusive premiere of one of The Fourteenth Trip's standout songs, Mijal & White's "I've Been You," which combines buzz-saw electric guitar licks with spacey vocals and bubblegum garage-pop hooks. You can listen to the song below.

Mijal & White comprised Detroit-based recording engineer Mike Mijal and local musician Mike White. The duo utilized then-cutting-edge technology, such as modular synthesizers, on its lone single, released in 1973.

Other highlights from the compilation include "Fever Games," a heavy psych rave-up from Harrisburg, Penn., power trio the Legends that name-checks the Jimi Hendrix Experience and features plenty of requisite whammy-bar acrobatics, and Appletree's peppy "You're Not the Only Girl (I'm Out to Get)," which opens with a Grand Funk Railroad-style cowbell groove and is powered by tasty guitar licks and soaring vocal harmonies.

Brown Acid: The Fourteenth Trip arrives, fittingly, on April 20 and is available for preorder now. You can see the full track listing below.

'Brown Acid: The Fourteenth Trip' Track Listing
1. The Legends, "Fever Games"
2. Mijal & White, "I've Been You"
3. Liquid Blue, "Henry Can't Drive"
4. San Francisco Trolley Co., "Signs"
5. Blue Creed, "Need A Friend"
6. Transfer, "Play It Cool"
7. Appletree, "You're Not the Only Girl (I'm Out to Get)"
8. Cox's Army, “I'm Tired"
9. Raven, "Raven Mad Jam"

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