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With the temperatures already hitting triple digits and summer is not even in sight yet, we’re all looking for some relief. If you are anything like me, the minute you get home it’s off with the work clothes and into something lighter and cooler.

There are days when I wish I was a teenager again so I can go skinny dipping in the tank out behind the house with no worries. But then again there are a lot of crazy laws that can get you arrested just even going topless.

So, is it okay to go topless in Texas? Technically yes however it can cause issues with law enforcement if anyone in the public complains. Currently, there are no laws in Texas that say you can't.

The secret here is being at a place where everyone there is okay with it. So, I asked the question “are there any beaches where one can go topless or in the buff at the beach?”

The answer is YES, Texas has some "Nude Beaches" (they are listed below). The most popular and well-known nude beach in Texas is called Hippie Hollow on Lake Travis just outside of Austin.

Go Topless the international topless advocacy nonprofit group, says that Texas is one of 36 states where "Topfreedom is in effect," or to be more specific there are no laws directly prohibiting public toplessness

Even though Texas has no law prohibiting going topless just be aware that you can be charged and or arrested for any of these three penal codes which are, public lewdness, indecent exposure, or disorderly conduct IF it appears the public could be offended by your public display.

Some other places you might want to discover in Texas are,

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Finally, a Need to Know: Texas nudity law specifies illegal nudity as intentionally exposing your anus or genitals without regard for whether someone present will be alarmed or offended. Throwing a towel around your lower half while people are within viewing distance is sufficient to comply with the law. Happy sunbathing y'all!
Source: Fulgham Law Firm

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