When I am cleaning out the garage or getting rid of things around the house for the most part I don’t even think about items, I just start throwing things away that I don’t need anymore. And for the most part that is fine but recently I wanted to check on what items cannot just be put into my garbage container to be collected. In the state of Texas there are 5 items that are banned from being thrown away in landfills. 

Just because these items are banned from landfills in the state of Texas that doesn't mean that you cannot get rid of them, but they might require a little extra effort to dispose of them. If you have items that are listed below, that are banned from being thrown in the landfill, just research where to take those items locally and you will probably be able to find a place that recycles them. 

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What About Mandatory Recyclables in the State of Texas 

As of now, there are currently no recyclable mandates in Texas. There could be some in the near future as more states are trying to be more green friendly, but for now you are not required to recycle any items in Texas. 

What Happens If You Try to Throw Away These Items 

If you throw away items that are banned from Texas landfills you could miss out on your garbage being picked up at all. You could also receive a fine for illegally dumping items if you found to have known the rules but decided to break them anyway.  

Here are the 5 things that are banned from landfills in Texas. 

5 Items Banned from Landfills in Texas

You cannot just throw these items away with you normal garbage.

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