TikToker @rachaelmetcalf recently shared a video of her last trip to Texas Roadhouse where she was served a "butter board" and the internet is going wild. It appears to be a serving board covered in butter, drizzled with honey, and decorated with little pieces of those delicious Texas Roadhouse rolls.

Is anyone else drooling? Someone, please, bring me a napkin.

Unfortunately for all of us, they don't actually have a butter board on their menu. It looks like this was just a playful video that the server went along with. Sad day. No butter board for you.

It's pretty clear just how much people love Texas Roadhouse when you look at how nuts they went down in the comments. Here are a few of the best reactions to Texas Roadhouse's butter board.

"Tx roadhouse butter board... Those boards are gonna be cleaner coming back than when they went out." - Frankie Lee Curry

"I'm dead, little crumbs of bread in the butter" - ZayGod

"This is the only place where it is acceptable."

"WE MUST GO" - Marisa

"I would do anything for a freaking Texas Roadhouse roll rn"

"They're so trendy."

I challenge you guys to try to order a butter board the next time you go out to Texas Roadhouse and see if they know what you're talking about. If anyone can actually get them to do it, I will totally give you an FMX t-shirt.

Lubbock's new Texas Roadhouse location is under construction and should be open by spring 2023. Your first trip there is the perfect time to request one.

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