Cars that park and reverse for us, tell us when were too close to someone else, phones that track our heartbeat and connect to our house to turn lights on and off and robots that do the cleaning for us.

Technology has advanced to a level that someday soon we’ll all be hovering around on floating recliners looking more like pale skinned walruses than people. #walle

I’ve been saying it since the start of all this techno, corner cutting machinery came out, why not just do things the old fashioned way, ourselves.

Jesse Newton in Litterock Arkansas found out the hard way that when you hear there’s a robot that cleans your house for you it’s probably too good to be true.

Newton was woken up sometime after midland one night by his son who smelled of poop and that’s when he found what he calls the Poopocalypse in his living room.

The Roomba his family owns is set to run during the night every night around 1:30am.  That night the family forgot to take the new puppy “Evie” out and as I’m sure you’ve already guessed it wasn’t a mistake they’ll make again after what they found when they turned on the lights.

Every conceivable place that could be reached by the Roomba was covered in puppy poop.  A 25 foot long trail of poop covering  any area the Roomba could reach in every room with an open door, over rugs and on baseboards and the legs of furniture.

Moral of the story is simply this, don’t’ be lazy, clean your house yourself.