Being a long time rock fan this is something that is always brought up from time to time, my opinion is NO, is the Rock genre in a funk, YES, so what can we do about it?  That is the million dollar question.

Here's what I feel will revive the genre, radio has to take chances on new artists for one, there is entirely too much research that goes into todays music, there is a tendency to overthink what a great rock programmer should already know, rock music should come from the gut not from a spreadsheet.

As a long time listener and fan of rock there is a ton of great music out there and I can tell you right now we are looking for it, yes we love the standards, Led Zepplin, Sabbath, Metallica and the sort but we are rock people we crave new music, we won't go away just because you play a new song, we might even stay a little longer!

Something else I feel will turn this around is buying the records, for some reason rock fans have quit buying records, it's sad, I think a friend of mine, who is in well known rock band said it best, "If people came to your job and took what you made you wouldn't be employed there very long" and this is what is happening to bands today, we need to support in any way we can!

Rock is not dead it's just up to us to give it the support it needs to become the juggernaut it should and needs to be