This is nothing new to the Internet. Websites that claim to tell you how you're going to die. It's to the point now that almost all of them are just a goof, and try to come up with the most odd, or weird way for someone to die.

However, actually takes actual numbers from the CDC. The input you give is relatively simple. You start with sex, race, and age. Then the website takes over and it has causes of death from infection to cancer to endocrine to circulatory.

So I put in my info. 36 year old, white male. And the heavy favorite if I were to die right now would be external causes, with cancer and circulatory coming in second at 20% each. But the graphs don't just stop there. If you want to see where you're at right at this moment, you'll need to pause it. Because then it starts moving by age and what you are mostly likely to die from.

Yeah, I know, sounds morbid. But website like these are very popular. Of course this one actually takes info from the CDC.