Iggy Pop and Josh Homme capped off a whirlwind day during which the world learned about their secret album, Post Pop Depression, by formally premiering the first single on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

The pair played "Gardenia" and also sat down with Colbert to talk about the start of the collaboration and the recording process (which took place over three weeks last year in Joshua Tree, Calif.). "It’s easier to keep a secret when there’s no one there to tell, “said Homme. “It’s lovely because you have a chance to make mistakes and figure things out and find your own path. When you make a record and nobody is aware that you’re doing it, you’re kind of making it for each other. So you’re there to excite and dazzle each other."

As for spending three weeks relatively alone with Iggy, Homme said, "I'm such a huge fan of Iggy, and to see him in a kimono is... it's just enough to leave something to the imagination. And I've got a really good imagination." Watch the performance above and the interview below.

Post Pop Depression will be released March 18. Check out further details here.

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