I don't always eat tacos but when I do they're Fuzzy....as in Fuzzy's Tacos! Get your mind out of the gutter people, or not either way. Seriously though, I'm normally not a fan of white people Mexican food, and let's face it, Fuzzy's can respectfully be considered more on the caucasian side of the spectrum. However, I'm in the company of a man who happens to LOVE Fuzzy's and since making people happy is what I live for..... But really I'd be lying if I said it wasn't somewhat tolerable. So for all those of you who love this place as much as you love "In and Out Burger", I don't squeal like a bitch like I'm sure many of you do whenever you see a sign directing you to your unfounded obsession but it doesn't make me wanna get my stomach pumped either.

Let the "You suck for not loving Fuzzy's Tacos" hate mail begin!

Fuzzy Tacos