Hundred Suns are a band comprised of Norma Jean singer Cory Brandan, former Every Time I Die drummer Ryan Leger and Dead and Divine's Chris LeMasters. These three forces have come together to play absolutely crushing music that surfs the line between hard rock and metal. The trio has teamed up with Loudwire to premiere the song "Last Apology" from their upcoming album, The Prestaliis, prior to the disc's arrival Aug. 11.

As a trio of members from three excellent bands, the new unit came together to create a song that speaks to all of their talents. Musically, they've honed in on an absolutely chunky and heavy guitar riff, dipping and diving to let Brandan sing. It trades the focus back and forth between the members. Leger works in subtly complex drum fills into the mix, pounding and turning quicker than you realize.

The song shows off how Brandan's voice has progressed throughout his career. In recent Norma Jean albums, you can hear the grit and power come out of his singing, even more heavily on display here. Unlike Norma Jean, he mostly sticks to straight up singing here, showing off the range and notes he can hit.

Of the song, singer Cory Brandan says, "It was a long four-year road to get here and the album is everything I had hoped it would be and more. We set out to make something unique and meaningful. I know it's at least one of those things. To me it's both."

It's an exciting display of what the band can do, with substance that moves past three friends messing around into a genuinely exciting sound.

Hear "Last Apology" in the player above. The pre-order The Prestaliis starts tomorrow (June 23) and can be found here. By pre-ordering you'll get "Last Apology" as an instant download. Also, check out Hundred Suns on their summer tour. See the dates below.

Hundred Suns

Photo via Jay Perry
Photo by Jay Perry

Hundred Suns Tour Dates:

8/5 Dallas, Texas @ Dirty 30
8/6 —  Austin, Texas @ Come And Take It Live
8/8 — Scottsdale, Ariz. @ Pub Rock
8/9 — West Hollywood, Calif. @ Viper Room
8/10 – Fullerton, Calif. @ Slidebar
8/12 – Portland, Ore. @ Analog Theater
8/13 – Seattle, Wash. @ El Corazon
8/16 – Denver, Colo. @ Moon Room
8/18 – Chicago, Ill. @ Township
8/20 – Philadelphia, Pa. @ Voltage Lounge
8/21– Brooklyn, N.Y. @ St. Vitus
8/24 – Ottawa, Ontario @ Babylon
8/25 – Toronto, Ontario @ Adelaide Hall
8/26 – St Catharines, Ontario @ The Warehouse

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