When we first moved to Midland from Illinois, we lived in the Azure Apartments off Lamesa Rd and I-20 in the Rankin Highway area. It was only for a few months until we found a house and were able to close on it and move, but during that stay, I don't ever recall seeing a tumbleweed in real life... Right there in person in front of me. It wasn't until we moved and traveled more around the city that We'd see them-but usually they were small and were 'on the move' when we crossed paths. That is, until now.

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Coming home from work today, I saw the biggest one I'd ever seen. It was waiting at the end of my driveway to greet me as I attempted to pull in and park, I had to go around it in order to fit into the space I park in. Also until now, I've never been up close enough to actually touch one and see for myself exactly what they're made out of and how sturdy/strong they are. I've often wondered if you hit one, exactly how much damage you could cause to your car.


As it turns out, while they ARE sharp in spots (like a rose with thorns), they're pretty lightweight and can easily be picked up and moved out of the way. Of course the bigger they are, the more awkward they are to navigate and move-especially with the wind here. But feeling them and the material they are made of-it doesn't seem to me that they'd cause much damage to a vehicle. Perhaps maybe some scratches would be about all, if it just so happened you couldn't swerve out of the way to avoid hitting one. Fortunately for me-no scratches and no hassle. Now I have to figure out what to do with it next.

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