Calypso was a feral kitten living outside before a staff member brought him in and began the long socialization process. The staff at Lone Star handles kittens as much as possible to teach them to trust and bond with people. Once they have been vaccinated and are healthy, they are introduced to other cats at the Sanctuary to help further their socialization. The Sanctuary has many enrichment toys to entertain and stimulate the cats. Calypso loves the cat trees and all the soft beds. He is a lazy kitty that is shy when you first meet him but warms up pretty quickly.



Calypso is a cat that could easily be a good lap cat. He enjoys pets and scratches and cuddles once he knows you. Calypso is young, at only a year old he has many years ahead of him, but he is past the mischievous kitty phase. He would be a great only pet but can co-exist with other cats. Calypso has come a long way from the scared little distrustful kitten that didn't want to be handled to a sweet affectionate cat that would love a good scratch! Let's reward all his hard work with a forever family! If you aren't looking to adopt, please share his story so Calypso can find his furever home.

You can go meet him at Lonestar Sanctuary For Animals any day of the week except Thursdays. They are closed to the public on Thursdays. Every other day of the week including Saturday and Sunday they are open from 1 pm to 4:30 pm for adoptions.

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