I don't really drink soda anymore. And I'm not sure it was really a conscious decision. I just stopped doing it because I'm okay with drinking water. Well, if you drink a lot of soda, you're going to want to read this. Here is what happens when you drink soda:

  1. Your blood sugar spikes - Within 15 minutes of drinking the soda, the sugar is sent into your bloodstream. That spikes your 'blood sugar' (duh) and that causes multiple organs to in your body to kick into overdrive to process the sugar.
  2. That extra sugar can turn to fat - The job of your pancreas is to release insulin to send the sugar to your muscles for energy. But that soda probably has more sugar than you need, and the extra will be converted to fat.
  3. It can dehydrate you - You get rid of excess sugar through your pee with the help of your kidneys. But peeing more means your body is losing water, which means you'll be dehydrated, and it's even worse if caffeine is involved.
  4. You'll probably want another soda - Sugar can be addictive. And we've evolved to want quick, high carb, high calorie.

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