Ok, hear me out, I have a handful of local Facebook page ideas, here is just one of them-

One of the pages I want to start is a local page for people who want try their hand at propagation.  If you read my other blog, "Gramas Been Doing A Recent Trend For Last 40 Years", about my trendy grama who has a crazy green thumb and can propagate anything, you know it's really not that hard of a task to take on.

The page would be local folks who have plants they don't mind sharing cuttings of with other local folks who are interested in learning how to take cuttings from plants and grow their own whole plant in just a matter of weeks.  It could be a trade situation, where someone has something you want a cutting of and wants to trade you for something you have that they want a cutting of.

Here in West Texas we have to try thinking out of the box when it comes to landscaping. We all want our backyards to look like the secret garden and yes friends, we can make that happen but we're going to have to be smarter about what we're growing and like I said, think outside of the box a bit.

The page would have information suggestions, and helpful "How-To's" from local individuals who have had success with native plant propagation.  It would also be welcome to anyone who has achieved turning their backyard into a West Texas oasis with native plants and flowers and encourage those folks to tell us all their secrets.

I'll give you an example of how the page would work;

Let's say I have a ton of Vinca in my garden in the front yard...because I do. You may or may not know this but Vinca grows fast, is easy to keep alive, is hardy as all get out, comes back year after year and it's super simple to take some cuttings from it for propagation that can then be planted in someone else's garden for year after year enjoyment.  So I have Vinca in my yard and I'm looking to trade with someone who has some kind of ivy that does well in the shade.  I would post on the page that I have Vinca and am looking for shade loving ivy, then someone with that kind of plant that I'm looking for would hopefully see that post and go "hey...I have a ton of shade loving ivy in my backyard that I bet is what she's looking for and I'd love to have some Vinca cuttings".  That person and I could link up and agree on a trade.  Let's say someone is looking for a ground cover that's easy to grow, comes back every year and is looking for some cuttings but either doesn't have any plants to trade or maybe they have some pots they don't want anymore and would love to give those to anyone who has something like what they are looking for.  I would see that post and be happy to snag some free pots in exchange for a few cuttings of the Vinca I have.

I have a friend who has an amazing exno landshaping garden/back yard situation that I just drool over every time I see her post a picture of it. It includes native plants or all kinds and it looks amazing every year.  If she decided to participate on the page she would be the kind of person who would have tons of information and personal experience with native gardening who I would encourage to post on the page often with helpful hints and how-to's.

I don't suggest behaving like my grama used to and rolling up into someone's yard and just snatching plant cuttings like a green thumb thief in the night, but perhaps the page could also include locations where others have found native plants and flowers that cuttings can be taken from or seeds can be harvested from.

For example there is a place on the side of the road that I take to go to Rankin that often has a crazy amount of sunflowers growing from here all the way to Rankin.  When I say there is a crazy amount, believe me it's a crazy amount.  You can take the dead head of one of those sunflowers and use the seeds to plant in your own garden to grow tons of your own native sunflowers.

Basically the page would be for local and area West Texas residents to share ideas and information about native plants, flowers, tree, bushes ect... and how to incorporate them into your yards at home in a way that makes for inexpensive, area specific landscaping that we can actually keep up with here this harsh atmosphere of wind and rare to no rain and connecting locals who are willing do some plant trades.


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