The Hellpop Tour rolled through town on Wednesday and all I can say is AMAZING.

If you were there you know exactly what I am talking about, opening the show was Sunflower Dead. They bring an energy and intensity that would be hard to rival and even headliners would be challenged to compete with.


Now onto to the next act Shamans Harvest, whom I think are one of the true premier rock bands in the country and with a live show that compares to none other.


Of course, we head to HellYeah and what hasn't been said about those guys with Vinnie Paul on drums and the always intense Chad Gray on vocals they will never let you go from start to finish.


To round out the evening, the hauntingly ferocious In This Moment with the most amazing production.  It makes us believe that Maria may truly be a part of the supernatural world!


As if you haven't guessed the Hellpop lineup is in my opinion one of the best and most diverse packages traveling the country right now and if it comes to your town or a town near you, I say by all means go!  I know the fans in this area were certainly not disappointed and if you were there please find your photo right here and share it with everyone!