Cinephiles have film festivals, and audiophiles have music festivals, and never the twain shall meet. At least that was the case until Hans Zimmer took the Coachella Music Festival by storm twice in the last month. Just about a week ago, we shared the first video released by Coachella, a live performance of Zimmer’s soundtrack from Interstellar. And now the festival has followed up with a second performance, this time of Zimmer’s score for The Dark Knight (via Heroic Hollywood). If you’ve ever wanted to watch one of your favorite film composers shred like a rock star, well, here’s your chance (at least until John Williams decides to shock us all with his Mad Max: Fury Road-esque guitar gimp suit).

Not only that, but Coachella also uploaded a video of Zimmer and his band playing excerpts from the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack:

While Zimmer’s connection with Hollywood blockbusters might cause some to dismiss him out-of-hand, there’s no denying that Zimmer is both a versatile and powerful writer. His soundtrack for Interstellar, for example, is absolutely essential to that film, weaving together a cold futurism with a humanistic warmth that propels Christopher Nolan’s story along. And even if you’re just a fan of Zimmer’s superhero stuff  —  no shame, of course  —  this video might offer you one last chance to see the composer in action on a superhero song. Zimmer recently hinted to Inverse that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice would be his last superhero soundtrack, meaning the well on rhythmic drums and electric guitar in our superhero films is probably about to run dry.

And if you wanted to catch Zimmer live but didn’t feel like heading to Coachella? You’re in luck! Zimmer has recently added a bunch of tour dates to his 2017 calendar, with upcoming performances in cities like New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Be sure to check the official website for Zimmer’s tour and get your tickets ASAP; these Coachella recordings aren’t going to make people want to see Zimmer live any less.

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