Tomorrow, February 9th, 2021, marks a full year since the day Hamil Cody Ross was found after being missing for three months. His body was found by a group of ATV riders who came across his remains near the Pilot Truck Stop on I-20.

Cody was reported to have gone missing on November 9th after reportedly walking away from the job he was on at the time.  There is some discrepancy as to the details surrounding what led to Ross going missing.  It was reported that Ross went missing while with the crew he worked with on a Saturday morning around 2 a.m. off of Hwy 349 as they were traveling together to a work site.  According to an article in yourbasin.com Deputies reported that Ross’ boss pulled over on the side of the road to make a call for directions.  His boss got back in the vehicle to head toward the work site when one of the crew realized Ross was left behind.  It is unclear if the crew went back to look for Ross or if they continued to the work site but at some point Ross’ family was contacted by his job by way of text messages giving them directions to the place he was last seen.  Some information suggests that Ross got into a fight with one or more of the other crew members and walked away to avoid an altercation but we just don’t know for sure.  We know that at some point after being separated from the crew he was riding with he arrived at a witnesses house and borrowed a cell phone to try and call someone.  Eyewitnesses said that Ross was spotted later on the day he went missing heading toward Midland.   His family searched for him diligently with what little information they had but nothing turned up.

Hamily Cody Ross’ body was found on February 9th, 2020, ninety two days after he was last seen.  The people who loved him the most spent the holidays not knowing where he where he was.  They had to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas without him, all the while not knowing he was gone.  The cause of Cody’s death is unreported, the condition his body was in is unreported, as of right now there is nothing known about how Ross got to where he was found or what happened to him when he got there and ultimately lost his life alone, in the cold west Texas dirt.  His family wants answers as to more questions than any family should have to ask about a loved one.  Why did he go missing? Did the people he was working with make any effort to look for him once they knew he wasn’t with them anymore?  Did something happen that caused Ross to feel like he needed to separate himself from the individuals he was traveling with?  How is it that he was seen later the same day he went missing, during the afternoon, seemingly trying to get home and then somehow end up dead behind a travel center?

If you have any information as to the circumstances surrounding the death of 33 year old Hamil Cody Ross please contact the Midland County Sheriff's office and ask for Sgt. Fuentes, 432-688-4620.


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