There is a certain Facebook some people in the borderland follow for business and pleasure. You may or may not have heard of Reporte de Puentes if you don't cross the border often.

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Some people in El Paso and mainly those who do cross the bridge from time to time follow Reporte de Puentes. That Facebook group is very helpful to people in the borderland who need to know the wait times on the bridges.

So if you cross over the border often then you know how helpful a page like that really is. A few days ago I was scrolling through my Facebook timeline when I came across a freaky yet funny image.

Clearly, the Halloween hype is already underway since someone decided to fool the people crossing over. If you have seen the horror flick The Ring then you must remember the little girl Samara.

Samara was the young child that was killed by her mother and killed those who watched the VHS tape. Well, apparently people crossing the border on the Zaragoza bridge saw what looks to be a generic Samara version standing around.

Just refer to the picture Reporte de Puentes's Facebook page shared of the freaky sight on Zaragoza's bridge. The freaky image of the cucuy on the Zaragoza bridge has some excited about Halloween and some spooked.

But I got to admit if I waited a certain amount of time on the bridge this would definitely make for great entertainment. Let this be your reminder that pre-Halloween shenanigans have begun and are just getting started.

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