If you ever played sports in your yard and had one of those cranky old neighbors, chances are if the ball ended up in their yard, that ball was lost. It's like the Sandlot.

Video courtesy of prinzefilims

I grew up in a neighborhood where pretty much everyone knew each other, and there wasn't a big issue if a ball ended up in someone else's yard. Just be respectful of their property. Get the ball, and leave.

It was different for my dad though. There was a next door lady that was a ball hog. Once a ball ended up in her yard, that was it. That ball was gone forever. Just how many did she have? Well, she passed away pack in the late 90's and when she did, my grandma went over to help her kids go through her stuff. Low and behold, there was a box. A big box. Filled with all kinds of balls. Mostly whiffle balls though.

Well, there's a lady in Bridlington, Yorkshire who has been keeping balls that land in her yard. So much so, that the police have gotten involved, and they've told her to return them, or face charges. Is this lady the most horrible human being on the planet? No. She says that she was going to keep the balls for a week and give them back, but the kids never came over to get the balls back.

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