Listen! Do you smell something? Maybe a virtual reality game based on Ghostbusters?

Some movie franchises lend themselves to video games. Others, not so much. It really gets down to that core idea of stepping inside the movie — which is why it makes a lot of sense to turn some of these potential movies not just into video games but virtual reality games.

For example, who wouldn’t want to try their hand at busting some ghosts with their own proton packs, PKE meters, and ghost traps? That’s the experience that will be offered by the upcoming Ghostbusters VR game that was announced today by Meta. The game is being developed by nDreams and published by Sony Pictures Virtual Reality. Ghost Corps, the division of Sony that overseas the Ghostbusters franchise, is involved in the game as well.

The teaser trailer shows off a game mechanic where multiple players — it can be played alone or with a team of up to four Ghostbusters, just like the crews from the films — work together exploring a spooky factory and encountering ghosts. The logo is pretty clever too. Take a look:

The announcement of Ghostbusters VR comes not long after the announcement of a similar game for more traditional consoles called Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed, which also features cooperative gameplay with teams of buddies trying to bust ghosts. (That game comes from Illfonic, who’ve previously adapted other movies like Friday the 13th and Predator into co-op console games.) Spirits Unleashed is due out before the end of 2022 but unfortunately, Ghostbusters VR game doesn’t have a release date yet, so it’s potentially still quite a ways off.

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