People in West Texas are always looking for fun family activities to do that are inexpensive. Odessa Parks and Recreation Department has a fun Saturday instore for you and your family this Saturday.

Odessa's Parks and Recreation Department invites you and your kiddos to join us at Comanche Trail South Pond Park for our annual 'Take me Fishing Event'.
It will be held Saturday, Feb.12th, 2022 with fun activities from 11 am to 2 pm. Where we will have food, a fishing class, supplies, games, and fun prizes to win.
This event is free and is taking only day-of, on-site registration starts at 10:00 a.m. At 10:45 am The Texas Parks and Wildlife Texas and Odessa Parks representatives will teach the basics of traditional fishing such as tying the hook onto the line, casting a spin, casting reel, identifying fish, and demonstrating how to be a safe and responsible angler.
Free food and other items for lunch provided by Tasty Bones Rollin Kitchen. For registered participants only/
Create some fun family memories by taking the kids fishing this Saturday at Comanche Trail South Pond park in Odessa. Remember to get there early and you can only register the day of the event, this Saturday. Don't forget to bring the camera for some great family photos as well. You know you could make this a great father/son day and mom and the girls could go out and do girl things. Or Daddy could take his daughter out fishing just like in a country song. LOL

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