Ok I know what you're thinking, "What The Hell is Frolf?"  it could be the greatest sport that really isn't a sport...EVER!  It is a mesh-up of golf and Frisbee, just like golf you travel to 18 holes but instead of holes you have mesh chain nets that you attempt to get your Frisbee into, of course its sounds stupid but it isn't!  If there was ever a sport designed but drinkers it was this one, there is no skill needed, no years of practice just you and your Frisbee walking the Frolf course and yes there are Frolf courses around the country, yours truly has played many times and YES mostl of the time I was not sober and that is the beauty of Frolf!  I say that if you ever get the chance you must find your local Frolf course grab your buddies and whatever adult beverages you may have and enjoy 18 holes of Frolf, you will thank me for it!  I say there needs to be a resurgence of Frolf in this country it very well could be the solution to all our problems!